Monday, 6 February 2012

No Miracle Too Small

More from my mates at the Rapture Ready forum...

Someone’s been talking up God’s hand in saving their son from injury in a recent bingle. Long story short is that he was driving along and a cow wandered through an open gate and onto the road. He swerved, but hit the cow, then a tree. The car (and cow) were destroyed, but he got out without any injuries.

Praise the Lord!

One wonders though, if the Man Upstairs could have stepped in a bit sooner?

Could God have disrupted the driver’s schedule and put him at a slightly different place at that moment?
Could he have arranged for a gust of wind to blow the gate shut?
Could he have kept the cow off the road?
Could he have helped the driver avoid the cow?
Could he have helped the driver avoid the tree?

Apparently none of this entered the mind of the gushingly grateful mother. But all things considered, the guy wasn’t injured and that’s the main thing.

On the other hand, what of things had turned out differently?

What if the guy broke his leg? Could’ve been worse. Praise the Lord!
In a coma? He came out of it. Praise the Lord!
Died? He’s in heaven now. Praise the Lord!

No outcome seems too insignificant that it doesn’t somehow demonstrate God’s immeasurable love for the recipient. And no question that perhaps he might have done more will ever be entertained.

It must be great being God. You just can’t lose.

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